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Founded in 1935, Malabar is a pioneering supplier of Ground Support Equipment. Our product line includes Axle and Tripod Jacks, Tail Support Stanchions, Weigh Equipment, Recovery Equipment, Wheel/Brake & Service Trailers, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Strut Service Carts, Fluid Dispensers and Fluid Service Units.

Malabar has built an unparalleled reputation throughout the world for superior quality products and after-sales support. Our products are in use in over 90 countries by major airlines, airframe manufacturers, aircraft overhaul and modification centers, military operations, and government agencies. Malabar offers 24-hour online support and technical assistance. This web site contains comprehensive information for every Malabar product line.

Malabar Headquarters

Malabar Headquarters, Simi Valley, CA, USA

Product Spotlight

Model 8943
4 Bottle N2/O2 Service Carts

Aircraft Jacks

Tripod Jacks Axle Jacks

Service Carts

Nitrogen Carts Coolant Service Carts

Fluid Dispensers

15 Gallon Fluid Dispensers 2 Gallon Fluid Dispensers

IATA Partner

Malabar International's Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008.